Implementation Programme for SNSF Special Call on Coronaviruses

An implementation programme specifically designed for the projects of the SNSF Special Call on Coronaviruses has been launched.

Thanks to the support of the Les Mûrons Foundation, the implementation programme for Corona research projects, which was successfully implemented in NRP 78, can now also be extended to the projects of the SNSF Special Call on Coronaviruses. In response to a specific call in spring 2022, several research groups have submitted an implementation project that aims to deepen the results of their research projects, translate them directly into practice, or prepare them for future market applications. The programme, which has already launched, is currently funding four projects that submitted compelling implementation goals.

A project by Raffaele Mezzenga's research group at ETH Zurich is trying to optimize amyloid/iron granules for the filtration of virus-loaded aerosols. In their implementation project, the research team around Christian Kahlert at the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen aims to improve the comprehensibility of previous study results through repeated structured feedback from participants and through co-creation of implementation strategies. The research team of Karl Ulrich Krieger at ETH Zurich is building a novel platform for the study of airborne pathogens, a so-called Pathogenic Aerosol Containment Trap (PAConTrap). Finally, the project of Anna Malandrino and her research group at the University of Bern is working on enhancing compliance capacities in public organizations.

The SNSF Special Call on Coronaviruses projects supported in the Implementation Program run parallel and complementary to the original research projects and will be completed by the end of the NRP 78 programme in October 2023.