3rd Symposium for Emerging Viral Diseases

The Symposium “Covid-19 and beyond: Understanding emerging viral diseases and their public health impact” is hosted by the Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases which is dedicated to the better understanding of emerging viruses.

Start06.12.2022 23:00
End09.12.2022 22:59
Registration deadline06.12.2022

Aim of the event is a follow up of two earlier successful and inspiring meetings by bringing together scientists, public health experts and policy makers. The overarching topic of the meeting will be the central question: How can we prevent future outbreaks, and if we cannot prevent them, how can we be better prepared? What lessons can we learn from the failures of the Covid-19 pandemic? Which novel tools do we have, how can we use them, and ultimately: how can scientists, public health specialists and society work together to alleviate the impact of epidemics?

More detailed information will follow.